Sarah Cooney

I work with oil on canvas. There is an important relationship between the media used and the ideas I am dealing with. Ideas are formed through the process of making. The distinct qualities of the work come from the individual manner in which paint is handled and a sensitivity towards colour. I am interested in both the value and viabilities of investing in the nature of painting as its own legitimate subject matter and think about the types of attitude an abstract painting can incite, its timeliness in relation to other current modes of art making and its continued possibilities beyond the histories that inform it. Painting is by nature inconclusive. In the provisional approaches to applying paint, workings and re workings, the shifts and changes along the way; for me, the crux of painting always resides in the indeterminate space between an initial idea and a pictorial emergence and how the discrepancy between the two might be negotiated. Through exposing the internal structures of their making I want the paintings to slow down the time of looking and prolong the level of engagement a person might have with the work. read full statement

Location London