Sara Bowler

Sara Bowler

I am an artist who periodically operates as a curator. Based in South West England, I have organised events and exhibitions in London, Shanghai, Caithness and, more recently, Cornwall, where I now live and work.

Bringing together artists whose work I admire and am interested in is my main concern. I like to observe the synergies between work and artists, particularly when responding to
specific situations, locations or environments. Events in Caithness and Cornwall were predominantly within the artist-led sector although my most recent project, 'offsite : inside', at Newlyn Art Gallery in February 2008 enabled me to act purely as a curator, providing a critical distance for me to observe the process and results without being directly involved as an artist.

Part of Transition (Curator's Edition), the show provided an opportunity for curators to try ideas over a five day period. 'offsite : inside' featured an artist a day for five days, effectively offering a platform for a one day solo show for Bruce Davies, James Hankey, Jacqueline Knight, Elizabeth Masterton and Stacey Righton. The show examined how work made or conceived for offsite situations faired within a white cube gallery environment. As part of this process, Paul Glinkowski was commissioned to produce an essay, a version of which is now available (June 2008) under Dialogue on the Axis website.

As an artist I am often torn between creating new work and developing suitable opportunities to present it - often in association with other practitioners. I imagine this situation will continue, providing a tension in the work, where it's presented and for whom.
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Location Falmouth, South West