Photo: Sandra Crisp in London

Sandra Crisp

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Sandra Crisp's work uses found visuals stored in a digital archive which are reworked and recycled over time. Through a process of continual cutting/pasting and layering/erasing new connections evolve between the diverse elements of screen sourced and media images, Internet text/graphics and personal photos.

This process and these images explore the constant saturation of images and information in our culture. Complex, detailed large-format collage and short film/video works experiment with the endless possibilities to transform materials through different digital process.

Sandra is currently working with code using open source software Processing to generate images, prints and dynamic projections incorporating recycled debris from twitter.

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Location London
Activities Higher education, Further education, Workshops
Artforms / type of project Digital, Film & Video, Printmaking
Tags experimental, abstract, process, code, complexity, saturation

News & Events

  • Printmaking Today Artist's Eye Feature, Manipulating the Media, Volume 23 No 1 Spring 2014

    Article published as part of the Printmaking Today Award for large-format prints exhibited Print International, Oriel Wrecsam, North Wales 2013.

  • This 'Me' of Mine

    21/10/2013 – 05/01/2014
    Ipswich Art School Gallery, Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service,, Suffolk

    Final iteration of ACE funded, group touring exhibition.

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  • Simultan Festival 2013, Romania

    10/10/2013 – 12/10/2013
    Sinagoga din Cetate, Casa Artelor, Timisoara

    Video Screening

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  • Danube Video Art Festival, Austria

    18/10/2013 – 20/10/2013
    Stadtkino Grein, Grein

    Film Festival

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