Photo: Samuel Lee in Chaumussay

Samuel Lee

Artist, Maker

Although I have often used paint, since moving to France in 2002 I have increasingly focused on making installation, site-specific installation, constructed art work, photography and printmaking. I am influenced by abstraction but like to collect objects I have found or been given, searching out simple everyday materials which I seek to transform or fashion into a new form. I am interested in the unexpected directions the actual handling of a material or found object can provoke. There seems to be a clear link that lies between all living things and as the very smallest changes can lead to very much larger ones then our ability to control our lives and future is clearly limited. This I see as a liberating idea in which creativity is obviously essential in order to move forward and as I make art works my ambition is that I will be surprised by what unfolds before my eyes. Photography has become an important part of making images for me, initially becoming a necessity in recording fragile and site-specific art work, but now fully part of my exhibitions. As a printmaker I am making many more of my own prints and editions but in the past I have worked on projects for UK and international artists through 107 Workshop (Jack Shirreff) and in Paris with Michael Woolworth and this has a profound influence on my work practise.

Location Chaumussay
Activities Workshops, Art therapy, Community arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions
Tags sam lee, installation, sculpture, printmaker, maker, painter, photography, fine art, contemporary art, 107 workshop

News & Events

  • New representation for the Benelux area

    Yael Reicher is now my representative for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

  • New representation online at New Blood Art

  • Rhythmical landscapes

    02/02/2015 – 08/08/2015
    Alpha consulting & design. Hoveniersstraat 50/6 2018 Antwerpen

    An exhibition of recent prints by Sam Lee in association with Alpha consulting and design, Antwerp, Belgium. The pieces are mostly proofs, unique one-offs and small editioned versions.

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  • Anemones (Ocean Bloom) at Burghley House

    The Installation will be exhibited in the Ice House, Burghley House, Lincolnshire near Stamford from 12 April to the 31 October 2015. This is for the forthcoming exhibition Funny Ha Ha.

  • Ocean Bloom

    04/04/2014 – 30/04/2014
    Arcuterie Poitiers, France

    This sculpture/installation is an extention of a previous one called Anemones and is made up of individually hand made parts formed in aluminium.

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  • L'Art et Lard

    Petit Pressigny

    Contemporary art work exhibited outside in a small rural village in the South Touraine, France. Includes international artists and makers.

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