Sam Treadaway

Sam Treadaway

Artist, Curator

Sam Treadaway is a British artist whose multi-disciplinary practice includes: sculpture, book arts, scent installations and occasionally live events. In making use of existing frictions between aesthetic form and utilitarian function, he edits and re-aligns found objects, structures, and systems thus generating new outcomes. The interplay between the arts and other fields of knowledge, such as science and philosophy, often inform these processes. Together with Ricarda Vidal, Sam Treadaway curates and organises the collaborative and international project Revolve:R.

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Recent and forthcoming exhibitions (2015) include:



 Revolve:R, edition two, Curated by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal.

• A First Atlas (A Tiny Island), Artist & Writer Residency with The National Trust, The Cabin, Bucks Mills, UK.

• Protecht, Bankspace Gallery, London, UK.

• Engagement and Entrapment, Zmart Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.

• Bideford Black: Next Generation Commissions, Burton Gallery, Bideford, UK.

• Room&Book, (Courtesy of Choisi Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland), ICA, London, UK.

• Virtual Picture Gallery, Translation Games, London, UK.




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Location UK, UK Wide
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Project, Publication, Book Works, Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Live Art, Photography, Sculpture