Samantha Epps


My visual practice is centered around notions of endurance, duration, exhaustion and repetition. These ideas are explored through performance and action-based exercises and documented using basic recording equipment, or through note-taking and the accumulation of data. The audience are rarely present whilst the action is taking place, instead they come to learn about the work through its re-presentation at a later date (perhaps combining text and photography, the presentation of written notes, or a verbal account). These working methods bring light to the frustrations of the performer (unable to document whilst performing) and the audience (whom are not present when the work is carried out) and aim to raise questions about re-telling or re-showing and the information required to do so effectively. My work is informed by conceptual practices of the late 1960's and early 1970's, particularly European Land Art (Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Keith Arnatt, Jan Dibbets). My PhD research and visual practice considers how artists present documentation and information relating to artworks that have taken place at another time, or outside of the traditional gallery situation. I also work in collaboration with Other / Other / Other - a Live Art Collective based in Norwich. read full statement

Location Norwich, East
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Art historical research, Critical writing, Curating