Sally Waterman

Sally Waterman

Artist, Film-maker, Curator, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Sally Waterman’s interdisciplinary arts practice and research is concerned with the interpretation of literature into an elusive form of self-portraiture. She creates poetic still and moving image works that explore memory, place and familial relationships, drawing upon writers such as Henry James, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf.

Her doctoral study used T.S Eliot’s 1922 poem, ‘The Waste Land’ as a framework to examine her self-representational strategies and adaptation methods, culminating in a collection of photographic and video installations (2005-2010). Waterman re-invents the source material through a fragmentary re-scripting exercise, seeking autobiographical associations with certain images, themes, characters or concepts. Indeed, the chosen literary text functions as a mechanism for self-representation, enabling the recollection and re-imagining of past trauma. Difficult, yet universal experiences of illness, conflict, loss and separation are illuminated through a cathartic transition from literature into visual art, where repressed memories are addressed through staging the self.

Past group exhibitions have included 'Shifting Horizons', Derby Museum & Art Gallery and Midland Arts Centre (2000-2001), 'Forest', Nottingham Castle Museum, Oriel Davies Gallery, Wolverhampton Gallery and York Art Gallery (2004-2005), 'What Happens Next?' Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery, London (2008) and 'Voyage: Sea Journeys, Island Hopping and Trans-Oceanic Concepts', Künstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany (2013). Her work is held in public and private collections including The School of Art Institute of Chicago, King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvar, Hungary, the National Art Library at the V&A and the Yale Center for British Art, New York. She has lectured at Plymouth College of Art and the University of Plymouth and is currently an associate lecturer at Ravensbourne, London.

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Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Critical writing, Curating
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Performance, Photography, Research
Tags Video, Photography, Practice-based research, Literary adaptation, Memory, Family, Autobiography, Self-portraiture, Narrative, Trauma

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