Photo: Sally Taylor in Ryedale, Yorkshire

Sally Taylor

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Gallery educator, Community worker

My drawings affirm a desire to understand more about human relationships, specifically my own interaction with others. They are equally about forming a balance between formal concerns and the creation of emotional resonance. While issues, thoughts and feelings, which often evoke memory, personal history, fears and anxieties, are central concerns, it is their exploration through the specific language of drawing that informs the meaning. Through mark-making, I record and map social interaction as intimate / public dialogues are played out on the paper or canvas in an attempt to challenge the validity of language in articulating aspects of human experience. read full statement

Location Ryedale, Yorkshire
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Education project, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags drawing, painting, mixed media, colour, marks, paper, teaching, workshops, lecturing, studios, exhibitions

News & Events

  • Derwent Art Prize 2014

    15/09/2014 – 20/09/2014
    Mall Galleries, London

    Group exhibition & UK tour

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  • Jerwood Drawing 2014

    17/09/2014 – 26/10/2014
    Jerwood Space, London

    Group exhibition, publication & UK tour

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  • Paint Like You Mean It

    30/05/2014 – 14/06/2014
    Interview 11, Edinburgh

    Group Show and Publication

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