Sally Annett

Sally Annett

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Sally Annett is known in the UK as Artist, Curator and Author.
My work is concerned with object, language and meta-representation. Cross-referencing cultural and social archetypes, looking at the stereotypical aesthetics hidden within epochs of recorded history. Engaging with images, objects and embodied concepts, which cut through time, culture, religion and race. I am fascinated with the roles of
Priests, Scientists and Artists. My work is essentially [Post] Structuralist, sometimes using symbol and syntax, at others using deliberate, circular narratives. It attempts to describe and clarify some of the shared regions of genetic science, neuroscience, psychosis, social and cultural politics, religion, consciousness and art.

I work over long time scales, using combined media; painting, photography, sculpture, intervention, performance and the written word and collaborate and curate internationally.
My curiosity and invention has, rationally had to become transpersonal to maintain any integrity in its maturation. Much of my personal practice is concerned with philosophical, esoteric and scientific research. I use all media to achieve this and have a particular interest in collaboration and combining media strands. Over the past five years I have produced a broad portfolio in combined arts, directing regional arts organisations, curating and commissioning internationally, with a focus on temporary, site-specific public art commissions in public spaces.

My current work 'Snakes and Ladders' is research and development into the contemporary roles and languages of Artists, Priests and Scientists. Funded by the Arts Council England, Grants and I am currently completing a Masters in Intercultural Communication.

Areas of specialist interest;
Comparative Religion/Culture
Alphabet and Archetype
Arts and scientific practice.

Annett is published by Foulsham and distributed by MacMilllan
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Location Bedford, East
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Curating
Artforms / type of project Project, Installation, Intervention, Painting, Public Art, Research

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