Sagar and Campbell

Artist, Maker

Central to our work is the belief that art can be transformative and nourishing; whether we are creating a large public art commission or facilitating an interactive community arts project. Our recently Arts Council funded project, The Chandelier of Lost Earrings is now collecting 'lost earrings', an earring amnesty if you will, to create this artwork dedicated to the staff of St Mary's maternity unit, Manchester. We work with many materials but we particularly love glass. Glass has the capacity of capturing light and utilising it to create layers and depth, movement and reflection. This combination adds an ever changing dimension to the environment; evolving and engaging. Our arena is the public realm and we like to sneak the familiar into our large artworks in public places. This is about creativity being an every day experience, part of the fabric of our environment; something that people feel familiar with. In an urban context this can add sensuality and detail to what can sometimes feel like an inhospitable collection of buildings. We want our art, however large scale, to become instantly merged with, whilst transforming, its environment. The critical context for our work encompasses the views and responses of the following; Those who commission our work The artists, contractors, architects, crafts people and developers with whom we collaborate Members of the public who participate in our arts projects People who live with and see our work on a daily basis. Our biggest critics are ourselves and we strive always to deliver work of the highest quality and interest that we can. read full statement

Location Manchester, North West
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Community arts, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions

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