Sabine Jeanne Bieli

Sabine Jeanne Bieli

Artist, Maker

"My installations and sculptures explore drawing in a wider sense.  Mostly using thread they expand the two-dimensional into the third dimension. Similar to not yet woven warp threads these spatial drawings hover somewhere between matter and thought. This pending dynamic state is shaped by light as an integral part of my work.
My work may be site-specific, time-based or text-based. Some pieces relate to the history of a place while others involve local communities. The scale ranges from objects such as book-works (written in threads) to large scale installations."

"There's a visible world and an invisible one. I try to touch their interface."

Born in Basel, Switzerland, Sabine studied at the 'Schule für Gestaltung' before working for the costume and stage props workshops of the 'Basler Stadttheater' (Theatre Basel). The experience from work on building sites, in a fine mechanics workshop, and as a nurse aid in hospital all have influenced her formal practice as an artist. In 2001 she moved from Basel to Hull, England, where she now works and lives.

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Location Hull, Yorkshire
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Drawing, Environment, Installation, Sculpture
Tags Spatial Drawing, Site-specific, Light, Thread, Nature

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