Photo: Ruth Piper in Bristol, South West

Ruth Piper

Artist, Curator, Arts administrator, Project manager

My work evolves from the processing and arranging of specific information.
Thoughts and feelings.
Recent world or emotional events.
Printed imagery.
Movies or literature.
Photographs of accumulations of objects.
Drawings and watercolours made over a period of some months.
I believe that this data is connected to my idea of external reality.
And resonates metaphorically with something hidden inside myself.
By certain imagery.
Colours. Configurations. The handling of materials.
Occasionally I am compelled and driven by a desire. Or dream. To make something visible. Without quite knowing why.

Location Bristol, South West
Activities Practice-based research, Curating, Project management, Marketing/communications, Public relations
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Tags painting, collage, non-representational, abstract, acrylic, figurative

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