Ruth Beale' practice takes the form of action-research into historical and social discourses, investigating cultural, epistemological and pedagogical concerns through discussion events, performance, drawing, collecting, and re-presentation of archive material. Theoretical interests manifest themselves in both long-term projects involving extensive archive research and collecting, and in more spontaneous performances which co-opt audiences, collaborators and participants. She is often present in the work as a performer, chair or orchestrator, or as scriptwriter, constructing plays and narratives from archive material, found texts and lists. Her poster-like prints advertise real and propositional events. A broad recurrent area of research is the role of art in society, and the tensions between individual and social emancipation. Libraries, archives and notions of heritage are a particular focus, specifically how culture and politics are managed, and how the preservation and dissemination of ideas and objects correlates with what is valued in society. read full statement

Location London