Rupert White

I am a curator working in the unique context of the county of Cornwall. Cornwall, in the far South West of England, has long been a centre for the visual arts. As well as a distinctive maritime landscape it therefore also has a distinctive artistic history. Artwork made and shown in Cornwall do not always translate elsewhere, and, similarly, touring shows from London and further afield often fail to impress for similar reasons. I believe the best art is sensitive to the environment in which it is shown and the audiences who see it. I am against internationalism in visual art and seek to celebrate regional differences. Art made in rural parts of the UK should not aspire to the condition of art made in London or other urban centres but should address issues of interest to people living in rural areas. These are likely to - at some level - feature the landscape, either in the foreground or as a backdrop to other issues. read full statement

Location Truro, South West