Ross Dalziel

Ross Dalziel

My curatorial practice has stemmed from my work as an artist interested in cross discipline collaboration.

I am keen to respond to site and context drawing on my own experience and others work, considering boundaries between curator/collaboration/institution/society/consultancy/facilitation/artistic practice/education

Im interested in charity shops/los tigres del norte/Glenn Gould/high
energy physics/motorway service stations/tents/technology/little chef/ice cream vans and the politics revealed therein.

Current work include curatorial projects which explore boundaries of what art is and an active critique of a socially engaged practice. Projects explore creative technology, folk, urban studies, sustainability, architecture and the emerging open content movement

I am inspired by Edward Tufte and how art relates to the "envisioning of information". J G Ballard talked of the idea of an 'invisible literature' within the periodicals and journals of science and technology; there is an invisible art practice within the myriad interests research paths and hobbies of academics, technicians, scientists and engineers that im keen on drawing on curatorially particularly in my technology led work with artists

Further Information:

I founded SoundNetwork an artist led organisation with artist Tim Lambert in 2005, springing from a large collaborative sound based art project and currently co-direct and where appropriate have a curatorial role in the organisation.

Artists & others I like these days

Glenn Gould, Corey Arcangel, Mark Dion, Shahryar Nashat, Andrew Dubber, Chiz Turnross, Chris Oshea, Peter Coffin, Jeremy Deller, Kevin Hunt, Chris Miller, Graham Hudson, Bernie Lubell, Julian Oliver, Simon Yuill, Walter Benjamin, David Byrne, Mark E Smith, Jeffrey Lewis, Mike Davis, Daniel Jones, Denis Jones.

Current favourite YouTube clip that represents my work
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Location Liverpool, North West