Photo: Rosie Lesso in Edinburgh, Scotland

Rosie Lesso

Artist, Critic, Gallery educator

The primary concern in my work is the tension between the natural and industrial environment, which I have explored in a variety of mediums, but with a particular interested in drawing. My drawings explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction through experimental, deconstructive techniques. They fluctuate between mechanical and expressive imagery and mark making and suggest biomorphic forms or the sprawling detritus of barren landscapes. I have also made a number of large format drawings on location which have begun and ended in the exhibition space but never fully reach a point of resolution, instead acting as open ended performances. These drawings grew and evolved without planned outcome but explored open, empty space and floating graphic language. This interest in a graphic, black and white language has also been explored in a series of outdoor interventions in which alternative road or street signs respond to specific rural or urban locations.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Participatory projects, Critical writing, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Drawing, Performance, Public Art