Photo: Rose Rose PhD Fine Art in Unstone, Derbyshire + Sheffield Studio:, East Midlands

Rose Rose PhD Fine Art


'Portrait of a Landscape' [14 mixed media framed works] is a graphic series over-layering a local Derbyshire landscape with a variety of narratives from ‘elsewhere’; from different disciplines and ideas. The work is conceived as a departure from current Neo-Romantic Landscape art which can be seen as deceptive and sociologically misleading. I have chosen to allow the subconscious to inspire the rural scenes I have presented as a result of repeated walking through them and recording my findings. The resulting affects seems to call into question the epistemological tradition and reveal that ‘landscape art’ is often some type of pure invention and fails to address issues of social significance. In' Narratology' [1985] the artist Mieka Bal stated how each person brings their own experience to what is newly perceive; I have brought this concept into the forefront of my current work. For me each drawing of my local landscape links into not only those I have seen elsewhere in the world- [a deep unconscious cultural memory?]-or imagine others have seen at different points in history. Who had walked in N.E.Derbyshire, in say Roman times or before and since? What visions might ancient peoples have recalled traversing this area? What will new migrants now bring to the local area in terms of their own diverse cultural experiences from abroad? All these ideas questions the notion of the ‘Genius Loci’ identity, and what an expanded view of the 'Genius Loci' of ‘Englishness' might mean? Mimicking the 'Recto -Verso' printing technique on Acetate with line work in 'Chartpak '+ 'Rotring 'pen drawings, photocopies and mixed media. A local rural N. E. Derbyshire scene is presented via a layering of images drawing on an inter-disciplined approach of form and content. The aim is to challenge the tradition of aesthetic appraisal in two dimensional Landscape Art, focusing on the theme that all landscape belongs to everyone who wonders through it. Each image contain part of a facsimile of the Magna Carta [1215] and comments on aspects of this document. Follow up 2D project 'INCIPIT' [to start May 2014] expands this notion of plurality through a series of signs within the given landscape: it will explore the idea that the world is a "totality of facts, not of objects" [Wittgenstein]. LINKS:Favorite Artists Sites [not in Axis]: Guillermo Kuitca Sean Landers Allan Ruppersberg Favorite Art Info [not in Axis]: [N.B. WORK IN PROGRESS as 'Portrait of a Landscape' images 8-15 shown on own website]. read full statement

Location Unstone, Derbyshire + Sheffield Studio:, East Midlands
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms Drawing, Graphics, Installation, Mixed Media, Unclassified
Tags Rural Psychogeography, Narratology, Cultural Memory, Heritage + Cartography, Difference + Multiplicity, Migration, Mimicking 'Recto-Verso' techniques, "Totality of facts, not objects"

News & Events

  • Barbican Arts Group Trust: Details of this work achived.

    Available to visiting curators via Sharon van Heck: Company No. 06355408 Charity No. 1120918


    Submission for Text based work exhibitions around Cambridge October 2014

  • Recording Britain: 7.4.2014 .[ Ruskin Gallery] ,Millenium Gallery Sheffield.

    Submission of Portrait of a Landscape Drawing.

  • 'Charted' Magna Carta Exhibition: LINCOLN Cathedral

    Submission of Current Work in Progress for 2015 [Lincoln Cathedral+ Lincoln Castle]

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