Photo: Rose Rose PhD Fine Art in N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands

Rose Rose PhD Fine Art



RECTO-VERSO- PART TWO  [January- June 2015] presents a series figurative images inspired by the Russian costume designs of Puschner, Bakst, Larionov and Gontcharova - all part of the Commedia dell' Arte tradition. Ink drawings, collage and oil paint have been merged with expanded art references and texts.

The current work suggests a free interchange of images and ideas gleaned from diverse cultural sources.It is also a "self portrait" drawn from earlier series of painting and graphics, including Primary Sources [1986]; Geneology [1990  ] and Routeprints/Rootprints [2010].

Mimicking aspects of the 'content ' of the earlier RECTO-VERSO series [2013], the work reflects concerns about  personal identity; notions of the concept of 'Englishness', and ideas of migratory forces taken up also in Portrait of a Landscape [2014].

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Location N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Painting, Research
Tags language scripts, Recto-Verso techniques, cross-cultural references, Routeprints/Rootprints, Primary Sources, Geneology

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