Photo: Rose Rose PhD Fine Art in N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands

Rose Rose PhD Fine Art

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‘Neologism ‘means something recently discovered although it existed before.

In working on this painting over several months [along side recent series: STILL-LIFE], I am reminded again of Velimir Khlebnikov,the Russian Futurist who first inspired my work as a painter in the late 70’s. The current   image can be said also to be “part of the mind’s cuniform”  as suggested by Khlebnikov ; and has been given this specific  title as it a culmination of several decades of intuitively working from the same source. This new title suggests diverse aspects of identity, transformation and transcendence and as such reflects the content of all previous work to date.  Neogolism 120 x100cm-oil,collaged newsprint on card  laid on canvas.

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 works] presents simplified abstracted  images using printed texts form newspapers merged with oil paint. They are copies of the  'background' of the RECTO-VERSO  figurative images- and reflect early 20c Russian Abstract Art



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Location N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Painting, Research
Tags cross-cultural references, Oil painting+ collage+ glass overlay of drawing as a Recto-Verso presentation., RUSSIAN ART OF 20C LINK.

News & Events

  • Exhibiting one of current series at HUNDRED YEARS GALLERY LONDON E.2.

    July 2- 22nd. 2015, inspired by 'BELLS FROM THE DEEP'.Showing Recto -Verso: 2


    Recto- Verso selected to be exhibited during CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities, international art exhibition of photography, video art, installation, painting .

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