Photo: Rose Rose PhD Fine Art in N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands

Rose Rose PhD Fine Art



IMPROVISATION  [January- June 2015] presents a series figurative images inspired by the Russian costume designs of Puschner, Bakst, Larionov and Gontcharova as part of Commedia dell' Arte  performance costume designs. Ink drawings, collage and oil paint have been merged with expanded art references and texts.

The current work suggests a free interchange of images and ideas gleaned from diverse cultural sources.It is also a "self portrait" drawn from earlier series of painting and graphics, including Primary Sources [1986]; Geneology [1990  ] and Routeprints/Rootprints [2013]see:

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Location N.E Derbyshire studio, East Midlands
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Graphics, Mixed Media, Painting, Research
Tags language scripts, Recto-Verso techniques, cross-cultural references, Routeprints/Rootprints, Primary Sources, Geneology

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  • 'Life, Art and Freddie Mercury-1968-70': A Memoir

    Amazon e-book: 02.04. 2015. [ 3 x 5 * Reviews: 13.4.15] Cover design: R.Rose 'Interior Rock and Roll'- 1986, [Courtesy:Museums Sheffield]: see MONOGRAPH:

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