Photo: Ronald Rae in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ronald Rae


Concepts My granite sculptures express my love and concern for the human and animal condition. They address issues that are universal and relevant to today. War Veteran on loan to the World War 2 Museum at Bletchley Park illustrates the human cost of landmines. Fallen Christ, sited on the pilgrimage Island of Iona portrays the need for spirituality in a materialistic world. Wounded Elephant on its knees reminds us to protect the endangered species of the Earth as does Tyger Tyger also a celebration of Willaim Blake's poem. I have always loved poetry. The emotive sculpture ''O wert thou in the cauld blast'' illustrates one of the last poems of Robert Burns showing love and protection in times of distress. I have also been inspired by early cave paintings as seen in the Bison carved in relief. My largest work Lion of Scotland exudes the power of Scottish identity. Heavy Horse and Foal and Elephant Family show the care animals have for their offspring. St Francis with the birds he preached to and Brother Wolf share my belief in the saint's philosophy of birds and animals being just as important as humans in God's creation. My latest work Baby Elephant again reminds us to protect all living creatures on this planet,especially those that are endangered. My graphic work, in particular my political cartoons, are blunt and honest statements about the sad state of the world today. Influences Spirituality/Religion, Environment/Ecology, Emotions; own cultural identity (Scottish); own gender (Male). Career path As I do not wait for commissions I have a continous body of work available for public display. I first exhibited five sculptures at Rozelle Park in Ayr 1979 followed by a temporary exhibition in 1989 outside St. John's Church in Princes Street, Edinburgh. My first major exhibition of 20 sculptures in Sheffield in 1994 moved on to Milton Keynes in 1995 then to the Natural History Museum and Regent's Park in London from 1999 till 2002. I found permanent homes for several of the sculptures due to these exhibitions. The exhibition then moved from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where 16 of the animal sculptures were displayed for four years followed by the stunning venue of Holyrood Park in Edinburgh in 2006 of 21 sculptures including sixteen animal sculptures and five figurative works on biblical and war themes. The Holyrood Exhibition moved on to The Falkirk Wheel in Central Scotland in April 2008 where 8 sculptures are currently on display. Due to public demand and a petition by the Blue Badge Guides the 20 tonne Lion of Scotland remained at Holyrood on loan to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body till 2010. The Lion is now on loan to Essential Edinburgh and exhibited in St Andrew Square Gardens in Edinburgh. In 2013 I carved a four tonne Baby Elephant. Last year I carved a Gorilla Family another endangered At present I am working on a series of drawings and political cartoons on newspapers. I have also made thousands of drawings, paintings and illustrations on over 40 books including Family Bibles. Every day I write and play my piano.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Lecturing, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Tags sculpture, animals, figurative, illustrations, drawings, paintings, cartoons, portraits, mixed media, insects

News & Events

  • Ronald Rae Sculptures at Edinburgh Airport

    09/10/2015 – 17/11/2015
    Edinburgh Airport - the Plaza.

    Ronald Rae's latest granite sculptures - Baby Elephant and Gorilla Family are on exhibition at Edinburgh Airport this autumn. The sculptures remind us to care for these endangered species.

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