Photo: Roger Stephens in Salisbury, South West

Roger Stephens

Artist, Maker, Consultant

Concepts My work is primarily in stone, contemporary and abstract with the occasional use of stainless steel and timber. Some of my pieces are cast into bronze. The inspiration and ideas for my work I take from the environment around me be it plants, rocks, heavy industry, insects. I have also felt it necessary to create political pieces that are a reaction to specific turn of events. My approach is to pare back the idea to its constituent parts, to look at what the elemental structure reveals so that I can find the essence of an idea. Whatever the theme or idea, I endeavour to convey a feeling so that there is something for the viewer to do, to find their own interpretation of the piece. From working around ideas of regeneration and new growth, I am now looking at the way materials are altered by outside influences; in the natural world by climate and genetics and in science by new technologies. When invited, I also create pieces for themed exhibitions. Although these pieces are exhibition specific, I try to interpret the idea in ways that will encourage the viewer to ask questions that may be new to them. Career path While at Prep school I was introduced to the world of stone, specifically alabaster that was manageable for young hands. I was fascinated by this natural material which is all around us and is the building block of the world. From this time I was drawn to sculpture and how it was done. Before any formal training I carved soap stone and the softer marbles at a Sculpture Night School Course. After running my own business for many years I went to Weymouth College to study Architectural Stone Carving, gaining a City and Guilds Advance Craft Diploma with a Distinction. I then worked at Salisbury Cathedral on the Major Repair Programme carving details like Dog Heads and Gargoyles for the Spire, Tower and the West Front. While still at Salisbury Cathedral I had my own studio and began to create commissioned sculptures and pieces for galleries but now work full time as a sculptor. Represented by, Cadogan Contemporary. 87 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3LD.

Location Salisbury, South West
Activities Secondary education, Adult education, Public art, Private commissions, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Consultancy, Sculpture

News & Events

  • Royal West of England Open Exhibition

    04/10/2015 – 29/11/2015
    RWA, Bristol

    Major open exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy

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  • Wells Art Contemporary 2014

    10/10/2014 – 26/10/2014
    Wells Museum, Cathedral Green, Wells. BA5 2UE

    Contemporary art selected by a judging panel; Anita Taylor, Donald Smith, and Richard Wentworth CBE

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