Photo: Robyn Woolston in Hull, East

Robyn Woolston

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Researcher, Gallery educator

Robyn Woolston is an artist who works across installation, photography and moving image. Her work focuses attention upon the parts of life that others shy away from, from waste materials to difficult emotions. She questions commercial meta-narratives and material 'use' against the back-drop of environmental urgencies. Her previous installations have included 7500 ice-cream containers, 45,000 carrier bags and a selection of trees from Ash to Silver Birch all classified as rubbish. She won the Liverpool Art Prize 2012 by siting a discarded tree inside a former water tower on the platform at Edge Hill Station for Metal. At its base were 132,000 plastic knives and forks that broke underfoot each time the work was viewed. As part of the prize she was awarded a solo show during 2013 at the Walker Gallery, Liverpool: 'Strangers in a Strange Land' juxtaposed an Artist's Book, 4 photographic works and 3.6 tonnes of waste against a painting of the same name from the permanent collection dating from 1889. "Central to this work is the notion of 'reconnection' - to the waste we create, to the soil to which we return, and to the processes that marry the two." Previous clients have included BBC, Green Party, Guys Hospital / London, HM Prison Service, Intel, ITV, London Print Studio, Maerz Arts Association / Linz, Mitsubishi, National Geographic Traveller, National Trust, Psychologies Magazine, Tenderpixel Gallery / London and the Walker Art Gallery / Liverpool.

Location Hull, East
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Public art, Private commissions, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Environment, Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
Tags waste, site-specific, site-responsive, environmental, mortality, mutliples, installation, sculpture, langauge, Hull

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