Photo: Robin Cracknell in London

Robin Cracknell


Born in Kolkata, India, Robin Cracknell moved to London from Washington DC via Milan, Italy where he had been working as a fashion photographer. Once in London, he abandoned traditional photography and moved toward photo-illustration which led to various commissions; primarily from publishers for what would become over 300 book jackets. Cracknell's technique combines elements of cinematography with traditional still photography and involves various mixed media and chemical treatments. In September 2006, his work was chosen for the top 10 of 12,000 artists on the Saatchi website for a show curated by readers of The Guardian as well as noted gallery owners, critics and artists. Cracknell's work was personally chosen by sculptor Marc Quinn. In 2007, Robin had his first solo show, 'The Camera Suture', in London. Since then, he has exhibited and been published internationally and his work is in various private collections as well as Fundacion Privada Sorigue, a museum of contemporary art in Lleida, Spain and The National Portrait Gallery in London. read full statement

Location London
Artforms / type of project Photography