Photo: Robert Foster in London

Robert Foster


I am interested in the tragi-comic, and the way it is possible to present the audience with a proposition that can be viewed as light-hearted, or something more sinister, in order to prompt questions of spectatorship. My works often utilise an exaggerated register, influenced by the Theatre of the Absurd and slapstick comedy, to emphasise the staged nature of these performative incidents. Recently, I have also begun to draw on my memories of childhood for inspiration in creating situations that playfully highlight the difficulty in returning to the gestures of imagined youthful exploration and unbridled creativity.

News & Events

  • Exchange Rates

    23/10/2014 – 26/10/2014
    Brooklyn Fireproof, New York, USA

    I will be exhibiting a series of works as part of 'The Interlude', a project curated by the Frank Bobbins Institute and QWERTY, for Exchange Rates, organised by Sluice, Theodore:Art and Centotto.

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  • SLAP #6 SLAPover

    30/10/2014 – 01/11/2014
    11 Little Stonegate, York, YO1 8AX

    I will be taking part in a 48 hour collaborative experiment, organised by SLAP, in an old office building recently repurposed for the arts by curators Salt & Powell in the centre of York.

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  • GNARL Fest Video Showcase

    29/10/2014 – 01/11/2014
    Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln, UK

    I will be presenting 'In Search of Sol' as part of the GNARL Fest Video Showcase 2014.

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