Photo: Robert Foster in London

Robert Foster


I am interested in the tragi-comic, and the way it is possible to present the audience with a proposition that can be viewed as light-hearted, or something more sinister, in order to prompt questions of spectatorship. Frequently, work manifests itself as performances that focus on repeated actions and utilise a theatrical register, in an attempt to emphasise the tension between reality and representation inherent to these gestures. The outcomes are inspired by the Theatre Of The Absurd, and the dialectic of failure and improvement inherent to slapstick comedy. read full statement

Location London

News & Events

  • GNARL Fest Video Showcase

    29/10/2014 – 01/11/2014
    Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln, UK

    I will be presenting 'In Search of Sol' as part of the GNARL Fest Video Showcase 2014.

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  • The Old School Residence

    14/08/2014 – 24/08/2014
    Zora 1887, Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria

    Residency to explore the theme of "Star Rituals". I will be participating in the category of 'Performance/Visual Arts and Installations'.

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