Rich White

Rich White

Artist, Consultant, Writer, Digital designer, Technician

I make multi-layered installation works about location, sense of place and the relationships that develop between people and their environment.

Key aspects to my practice are resonance and discovery: Works are informed by research of the locality, dictated by architecture and space, and through the uncovering of stories of identity, memory, place, humanity, politics and history. These findings are
interwoven into the structures creating a context for the work to exist within with the form and narrative of the work resonating with the location and the viewer. The work also provides the viewer with a sense of discovery; the installations are immersive and interactive, inviting the viewer to explore, travel, climb and reposition themselves in order to fully engage with the work.

The forms the works take are often unknown at inception; beginning on site and organically shaping themselves within the rules set by the limitations of space, material and self-imposed restrictions. I challenge myself to pragmatically develop and craft new techniques and methods as the work progresses; drawing on familiar patterns, local history and material connections. Risk-taking and coincidence play a creative role in this practice; chance encounters with places, people or materials inform the work in its scope and development, creating a socio-political sculpture responding to the varied perspectives people have of their locations and the events that shape them.
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Location Bristol, South West
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Community consultation, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions, Creative writing, Visual arts consultancy, Technical installation, Web development, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Architecture, Book Works, Digital, Installation, Public Art

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