Richard Monahan

Artist, Researcher

“The repetitive occurrence of an incident does not guarantee that the same thing will happen again” Francis Bacon (Philosopher) My current body of work is titled: Wallpaper. The initial idea was to use a wallpaper design from the entrance hall to my childhood house as a compositional device for a series of large-scale drawings in paint. The reason for choosing this particular wallpaper was clear. It represented to me a world within a world, it was an escape from the mundane nature of living and provided a fairytale landscape in which one’s mind could wander and where the limits were only set by the extent of one’s imagination. There is a book by Charlotte Perkins Gilman titled: Yellow Wallpaper. In it the heroine is confined to her bedroom and grows increasingly infatuated with the old and dirty paper that surrounded her day and night. I began to wonder whether constant subjection to an image or pattern may influence the viewer. I started to draw out compositions based on this wallpaper. Changes to and the eventual obliteration of the design have meant that I have been able to use it as a peg upon which to hang ideas, to create stories throughout the pattern, and, most importantly, to present the idea that nothing is guaranteed not to change. read full statement

Location Swansea, Wales
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Private commissions, Critical writing

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