Photo: Richard Davidson in Chichester, South East

Richard Davidson


Concepts My early work involved paintings of objects (often items of clothing) on isolated, unadorned, grounds. The images I work with often recall my prior career as a lawyer in the City of London: formal, polished, shoes; ties; briefcases; shirts and suits. The images are painted with a sense of affection whilst, at the same time, they are designed to bring into play for the viewer consideration of issues such as loss of identity, uniformity and 'clothes as uniform'. I hope, however, that each viewer will bring their own associations with them when they look at these images of everyday things. More recent work has also been often concerned with loss of identity and the life of the white collar worker in the urban society - although my move to Sussex has let to images based on trees. Influences My legal education and career in the City. Areas of work Exhibiting Private commissions Collections Baker and McKenzie (International Lawyers); corporate collection Lord Faulkner of Worcester; private collection numerous collections in USA and UK

Location Chichester, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Painting