Photo: Rhonda Whitehead in Redenhall/Harleston, East

Rhonda Whitehead


Nature is the source of each of these paintings by Rhonda Whitehead. Working as she has in the wetlands of Norfolk, the Northern Territory in Australia and more recently in Europe. Whether in a microscopic scale within nature or the actions of nature on the human built landscape. There is immediacy to these paintings. They realise the dissolution of form, the reformation of form, the formlessness, and the structures inherent in apparently formless surfaces scenarios in nature and the built environment. These paintings are accents of a place distilled, as through a visual screen, much as what Georgia O'Keefe once achieved more literally, with her landscape details of New Mexico. Recent works at New Hall, Cambridge recalling the eroded walls of buildings: Whitehead's painterly response awakens our interest in all manner of physical and climatic exchanges we read on the surfaces of buildings. These are non-places, evocative surfaces experiences, with cadence, a history and cues stemming from hidden subtly changing worlds. It is a if the artist were capturing the mind that exists in all matter. John K. Grande May 2008 John Grande's Art Nature Dialogues : published by SUNY press, New York read full statement

Location Redenhall/Harleston, East
Activities Practice-based research