Photo: Rhiannon Lowe in Cardiff, Wales

Rhiannon Lowe

Maker, Curator, Arts administrator

And so I'm sitting here, on the same couch, but a few inches in from the armrest, wondering if she'll notice, make a record, bring it up later. She's all angles and short hair, flicking her eyes up towards the clock on the wall above my head. The homemade cards are gone from the little ledge. Out of the window are the backs of tall terraced houses I looked at last week. I stare at my black jean knees and bright blue dirty trainer feet instead.

I leave feeling I didn't perform very well again. She pulled apart things I hold close. All I did was remind her of things I'd already told her. I still don't have a future or present to talk about, only a temperamental past that's fragmenting quicker than I can try hold it together. I'm a halfway, with a lot to learn.

The recent drawings are about death and compromise. This text, it's just me trying and failing at pretending to be someone else. If it were hand-written there'd be a lot of crossing out.

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Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Publishing, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Illustration