Rhiannon Adam

Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Agent, Event organiser

I am a London based artist, specialising in Polaroid photography. My photographic practice is concerned with dialogues between objective and subjective experience, real life and memory. It pays particular notice to the idea of the image as an object in its own right. With my work, there can be no editing after the shutter is pressed- what I select in the eyepiece is the finished product. A Polaroid image is precious, it cannot be recreated. The ethereal and imperfect qualities of Polaroid film echo a sense of nostalgia, of memory, of time passing. Instant photography is the frontier between painting and photography - a mix of fact and fiction. A peel-apart Polaroid may collect dust or sand in the corners as it dries; it is a physical relic, a souvenir of a person, place or time - a 'portrait' of a moment. If I shoot an image on a cold day, the picture will experience colour shifts, if it was a windy day, the chemicals may separate. Each Polaroid reflects an experience of a space. My images centre on personally significant events, places, and people significant to me at a fixed point in time, of moments that I need to record as they were. They cement my relationship to the world around me. I often travel to places from my past, or to well-known places that are part of a cultural mythology, in order to re-imagine and re-contextualise them - bringing memories back from near extinction. My collection of Polaroid images has become my own personal history, filled with flaws and irregularities. The simple process of taking a Polaroid allows me to become a part of a location as I interact with it, rather than being a distant observer as with more complex photographic processes. It is this intimate relationship to the subject of my shots that I hope to carry across for viewers of my exhibition work. My ultimate aim is to create an honest dialogue between viewer and photographer. What I see is what you see. read full statement

Location London