rednile projects

rednile Projects Ltd is the collaborative practice of three artists; Suzanne Hutton, Michael Branthwaite and Janine Goldsworthy. rednile work site specifically in a wide range of materials, reacting to a space or making artwork exploring the history or future of a site, our projects are always sensitively linked to an area. rednile often research a site over a period of months working alongside a team of invited artists and other creative people to explore spaces using a wide range of methodologies revealing stories, unique features, the fabric of a place and the shapes of the landscape. rednile use colour and light to transform spaces and highlight features using quirky and unexpected materials, the artworks have a playful element that regularly explore local traditional skills and working methods. rednile work collaboratively with other artists, architects, designers, businesses, writers and with the community. Our projects are normally of an ephemeral nature and artwork is documented using catalogues and the website to record an outcome or a process. rednile projects encourages professionalism in the arts and are committed to engaging others in the exploration and enjoyment of art. read full statement

Location North East and, West Midlands