Photo: Rebecca Westguard in North East, Scotland

Rebecca Westguard

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Figurative painting & drawing compels me to infinitely study the delicacies and somewhat overwhelming variation of human physicality. I find the simple difference in appearance from one human to another captivating and a subject which I endeavour to portray in my current long term painting series of male & female sitters. With each figure in an identical position; it is a pose which perhaps speaks for itself: strong & confident, the model is in control, not the onlooker, not the artist. The composition created allows the viewer to place themselves next to the painted figure they find relation too (see example β€˜Linda’). I wish each subject of my work not to be viewed in the context of shape or size, but to capture the individual strength and beauty of the human form exhibited. This subject of human variety is one which I also portray within large mix media life drawings which I often coat in microcrystalline wax. Sometimes I draw into the wax and sometimes it’s applied after the drawing is complete. This technique often creates an overall tranquil image which I recurrently explore & display as male/female diptychs. read full statement

Location North East, Scotland
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags life drawing, figure and life, human form, portrait, figurative, figure painting, traditional, mixed media drawing, life painting, figure drawing

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  • The Biscuit Factory Exhibition

    Featured seasonal artist until the 12th of November 2013

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