Approved: 16.08.2006

Rebecca Lowe


Approved: 16.08.2006

In a constantly shifting light, appearance becomes transient and fugitive. Through time, the object is experienced as process rather than something that is material and finite.

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  • Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
  • Activities: Higher education, Further education, Practice-based research, Curating, Collecting
  • Categories: Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
  • Tags: Landscape, Surface, Light, Space, Time, Abstract, Touch, Object, Reductive




    In a constantly shifting light, appearance becomes transient and fugitive. Through time, the object is experienced as process rather than something that is material and finite.

    When I am painting I work directly from the natural environment and from objects or surfaces that reveal clues to their history, of how they were made or how they evolved. I am interested in the space between these external sources and the painting itself as a transient yet embodied object: a document of time, action and touch.

    I use oil paint, resins and wax on gesso prepared panels. Applying a gesso ground begins a process of rhythmic layering and erasure which continues through the painting. Drawing is also a fundamental and complementary part of my practice.

    The 'Intervals' series began while recording the natural daylight reflected from a small white porcelain bowl. My studio had large overhead windows and although I had a simple system in place, making colour notes at set times during the day, the changing light was always more unpredictable. The graceful and regular form of the bowl and the measured intervals were a quiet ordering: a stillness and constancy within the transformative qualities of the powerful and shifting northern light.

    CV & Education

    Qualifications and training

    2016/17 - Turps School Correspondence Course, London                                                                       2000 - MA Fine Art (studio practice and theory), Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds
    1999 - BA Hons Fine Art (1st Class), Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds

    Solo exhibitions

    2016 ongoing - Curator's Choice, curated by Dr. Catriona McAra, Leeds College of Art    

    2012 - Intervals, The Bowery, Headingley, Leeds
    1997 - Bulbs, Leeds Art Library, Leeds
    1992 - Fragments, Cookridge Street Gallery, Leeds

    Group exhibitions

    2015 - Lines for Agnes (curated by Ruth Philo & Terry Greene), St. Marylebone Crypt, London  
    2015 - Shelf Life, PS Mirabel, Manchester 
    2015 - Painted Surface, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
    2015 - From Sea to You / Del Mar Para Ti, (part of Curio-sea-ty, curated by Hondartza Fraga and Lorna Barrowclough) East Street Arts, Patrick Studios, Leeds
    2014 - From Sea to You / Del Mar Para Ti, (part of Curio-sea-ty, curated by Hondartza Fraga and Lorna Barrowclough) Poca Gallery, Portugalete, Spain
    2014 - Same But Different, Temple Newsam, Leeds
    2011 - 1m x 1m, The Bowery, Headingley, Leeds
    2010 - Open Drawing Exhibition, Gallery 12A, Doncaster
    2009 - Beaver Away, Central Library, Leeds
    2009 - Drawn In, Sidcot Arts Centre, Winscombe, North Somerset
    2008 - Journey (open studio event), Beaver Studios, East Street Arts, Leeds
    2008 - Saltaire Arts Trail , Saltaire, West Yorkshire
    2007 - Breathing Space, Brahm Gallery, Headingley, Leeds
    2006 - Beaver Works, Host Media Centre, Leeds
    2006 - New Trends in Painting Since 2000, LCB Depot, Leicester (for sLideshow, British Art Show fringe festival)
    2000 - H2O Brahm Contemporary British Art Exhibition, Brahm Gallery, Leeds                                   1999 - Becoming (a collaborative exhibition with Sandra Hammer), The Fine Art Gallery, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds

    Curated projects

    The following are exhibitions and projects carried out in my role as Library Assistant at Leeds College of Art Library, working with selected material from the Library's special collection of artists' books.

    2016 - Nobrow Press
    2015 - In / Visible
    2015 - Sharon Kivland: Reports on Knowledge
    2015 - Black Dogs Archive (with Mick Welbourn)
    2014 - AMBruno: Lists etc.
    2013/14 - Library Interventions (co-organised the first series. Participating artists: Garry Barker, Pavel Buchler, Sharon Kivland, Nick Thurston, Kate Briggs and Graham Head)
    2013 - Les Coleman: Artists' Books
    2013 - SMS Portfolios (with Terry Jones, LCA Exhibitions Officer)
    2012 - McSweeney's Quarterly Concern
    2012 - Present Text (with John McDowall)
    2011 - The Paradise of Individuality: Artists' Books and Graphic Design
    2010 - Artists' Books and Performance
    2009 - Hamish Fulton: Artists' Books 
    2009 - Richard Long: Artists' Books
    2008 - Artists' Books: Structures and Narratives (with Terry Jones, LCA Exhibitions Officer)


    2005 - Die Bücherstube des Dr. R.M.V. / The Cabinet of Dr. R.M.V, Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford (project created by Max Vollmer)


    2015 - What is an Artist's Book? Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, The Tetley, Leeds
    2001 - Becoming Lavender Blue Leeds College of Art & Design

    Presentations (organised)

    2012 - Present Text, John McDowall, Leeds College of Art Library, Leeds
    2011 - Artists' Books and Performance, John McDowall, Leeds College of Art Library, Leeds        
    2008 - Artists' Books: Structures and Narratives, John McDowall, Leeds College of Art, Leeds 

    Competitions, prizes and awards

    2011 - 1m x 1m (finalist), The Bowery, Headingley, Leeds
    1999 - Arts & Humanities Research Board Bursary for Post-Graduate Study
    1997 - Edna Lumb Travel Award (finalist), Leeds Metropolitan University

    Educational experience

    2001 - Visiting Lecturer, Leeds College of Art & Design, Leeds


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