Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe


Painting and drawing forms part of an engagement with landscape and objects, experiences of contemplation and concentration, moving through, inside and outside. I try to balance process and image, surface and space, light and time. I work with oil paints, resins and waxes on wooden panels and pencil, charcoal and graphite powder on paper. Making my own gesso ground, experimenting with different recipes and consistencies, begins a rhythmic process of layering, building a luminous surface that continues within and through the painting. I use drawing to explore what I see through touch and mark-making, so it is both cognitive and sensory. Sometimes photography, like the paintings, is used to explore mutability and transience within a still image. I am influenced by post-minimalist aesthetics, botanical drawing, still life, radical abstraction, and periods in Chinese, Japanese and Korean ceramics where there has been a refinement to simple and reductive elements. Specific influences include Peter Saenredam, J. M. W. Turner, John Ruskin, Paul Cezanne, Giorgio Morandi, Gwen John, Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman, Cy Twombly, Rudolf de Crignis, Antonio Tabucchi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gaston Bachelard.

The Intervals series began with the keeping of a daily visual record of natural light reflected from a warm-white, Indian porcelain bowl during a twelve hour period. I used layers of semi-translucent glazes with directional brushstrokes, alternating so that they formed a weave. As each layer dried, the next, when brushed against it, became a rubbing of the existing surface. The series title is a musical term for the space between notes and alludes to the subtle spaces between colours and to the passage of time between events. Recent work has concentrated on the surfaces of Chinese pottery from the Song and Tang Dynasties. Current work responds to stillness, movement and time in landscape.

I am also a library assistant at Leeds College of Art and, since 2004, have developed a special collection of artists' books, organising and collaborating on a regular series of exhibitions and events themed around the collection.



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Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Higher education, Further education, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Tags Landscape, Still Life, Surface, Light, Space, Time, Abstract, Touch, Object, Language

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