Rebecca Glover

Rebecca Glover

Artist, Lecturer / academic

At the borderlands we exchange and receive. Borders of our bodies, of countries, of control, understanding and learning.

Eyes on the screen tentacles reaching.

The edge is a space in itself, a site of development.

Push the frontiers and expand your knowledge, stretch your territory. Throw out your tentacles.

I’m growing my skin, stretching it daily so I encompass more. Larger surface area = more absorption, the more I can take, consume and understand.


My practice is a form of fieldwork through which I explore boundaries between the body and its surroundings; self and other; alien and familiar.

Our senses are sites of encounter, receptors and transmitters that continue evolving alongside developments in technology and thought. Eyes develop tactility, the screen becomes a skin. Frameworks of these sites are always shifting.

As I explore my environment ideas are given form and I begin developing a semi-fictional narrative.  Part scavenger part scientific explorer I make diagrams, collect materials, sounds, and images from my surroundings. Later these are used to make objects and apparatus - a toolkit for transforming and exploring the environments I occupy.

As the narrative develops, the materials I find emerge as physical metaphors forming new functions, fiction replaces the literal; lightbulbs become screens and eyeballs grow tentacles.

This fieldwork is often presented as installations. These are like sets and the tools are props for potential restagings of my encounters. With one foot in the real, one foot in my fiction the audience is given alternative frameworks with which to view the world.

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Location London
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Participatory projects, Curating, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Environment, Film & Video, Installation, Performance, Sculpture, Sound
Tags multimedia, environment, multi-sensory