Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf


I am greatly excited by colour, texture and surface - by the random beauty of paint being allowed to take on its own form - and equally, the skill and precision with which it can be used to create illusions; turning flat surfaces into an almost tangible reality, more perfect than reality itself can ever be. The perishable fleeting nature of beauty and time has lead me to a fascination with the mesmerising power of images – their ability to not only stop this process of decay but simultaneously capture and crystallise the beauty of that instant in an idealised form. Portraiture in particular can turn a person into an icon, by capturing them at the right time. It has the power to elevate the subject by freezing them in a moment forever, a moment in which they will never age, loose the intensity of their gaze, or the happiness of their smile. I deeply enjoy the shapes and lines of the human form and find myself in a constant state of analysing, mapping, admiring and dissecting all the aspects of the many faces and bodies I encounter in my day to day life.

Location London
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking