Photo: Rebecca D. Harris in Launceston, South West

Rebecca D. Harris

Artist, Teacher, Researcher

My arts practice and research outputs are generated by a ‘thinking through making’ approach, using my creativity to open up paths of enquiry that are initiated by my engagement with materials and the forms being created. Examples of which are the use of ‘nude’ tights, seen as pseudo skins, and whilst interacting with them I created the ‘Life sucks’ works which opened up research into the sagging skin and the coding of the feminine on the surface of the body. Many of the other works, mainly consisting of soft sculptures, textiles and drawings, take on this discursive approach and all largely focus on the visceral or skin as the main motifs. I use textiles and found objects that metaphorically or metonymically reference the inside and outside of the human body, which questions both physical and social elements of tension, control and restriction. In particular, I focus on the ‘deviant’ female body and I situate my own fat body as an axis for research. Adopting an auto-ethnographical methodology I use my own personal experiences to comment on societal significance of the female fat body. I aim for a non didactic obesity reading, wanting a more subtle approach that offers an alternative paradigm to the subject matter. Furthermore, I am very interested in the affective potential of the autonomous artworks which oscillate in readings of the sexual, repulsion and humour. read full statement

Location Launceston, South West
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Workshops
Artforms Drawing, Research, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags obesity, fat, soft sculpture, affect, comedy, funny, textiles, sewing, fabric, body, visceral

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