Photo: Razvan Anton in Cluj, Romania

Razvan Anton


I work with drawing and memory. Drawing is for me the most direct path towards a possible image. Memory is not the subject but the medium and drawing is a conscious choice of a medium beyond mediums, a language that has the advantage of keeping a safe distance from the norms of the art world. It is a continuous and open research that eludes conclusion. It is a process that leaves a trace. It is the trace of a thinking process and the image is its proof. The speed at which I think and observe is also the speed at which I draw. The mark, the path and the image belong to this visible process of constructing meaning. It is an imprecise and uncertain route meant to change, consolidate or contradict our views. It is a landscape of shifting geography where historical, political and personal elements hover relentlessly while searching for a state of balance.

Location Cluj, Romania
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Photography

News & Events

  • Mnemonics

    09/02/2015 – 22/03/2015
    Eastwards Prospectus

    Solo show focused on the topic of memory. Critical, historical and personal memory play a part in this overview of the last 5 years work.

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