Photo: Raymond Church in Swansea, Wales

Raymond Church

Artist, Maker, Gallerist, Technician

My fascination of classical Greek ceramics has led me to explore the relationship between two and three dimensions; form, surface pattern and imagery, and the communication of an idea through the use of narrative.  This balance of three dimensional form and imagery combined with intermittent pattern was mastered by the Greeks and forms the basis of my work. I attempt to combine the classical Greek aesthetic with contemporary narratives highly charged with satirical humour and subversion. 

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Location Swansea, Wales
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Ceramics
Tags greek, political, social, pottery, appropriated, modernised, mythology, classical, urban, narrative

News & Events

  • Crafted

    30/05/2016 – 13/08/2016
    Kirkby Gallery

    The 'Crafted' exhibition is a biennial exhibition, presenting the work of contemporary makers from areas including contemporary craft, design, sculpture and fine art.

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  • Biennale de la Ceramique, Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics

    24/05/2015 – 06/06/2015
    Andenne, Belgium

    The Biennial of Ceramics is an artistic and cultural event that takes place in Andenne ( Belgium) since 1988 and has acquired over editions a national and international recognition.

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