Photo: Raymond Church in Swansea, Wales

Raymond Church

Artist, Maker

Historically Greek ceramics displayed social narratives relevant to the times. My way of working is a direct response to the formula used in ancient Greek pottery both formally and figuratively. Though, it is not my intention to exactly replicate these objects of the past but rather to adopt a similar aesthetic in terms of structure, surface pattern and imagery.

Working with images requires a strong thematic approach, and in particular when working in conjunction with narrative and allegory. Greek pottery provides us with an understanding of the Classical ethos. The imagery portrayed gives us insight into mythology, historical figures and characters from epic poetry of the time. In some of my compositions I retain specific symbolic elements of Greek history and mythology, juxtaposing them with contemporary images in an attempt to convey a social discourse.

I endeavor to use the Greek formula affectively in my work whilst giving a playful insight into concerns of our time. The narrative within my work centers on broad themes which have vast scope for content. An example of this is digital culture where ideas based on the i – generation and violent video games are explored. 

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Location Swansea, Wales
Artforms / type of project Ceramics
Tags greek, political, social, pottery, appropriated, modernised, mythology, classical, urban, narrative

News & Events

  • Biennale de la Ceramique, Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics

    24/05/2015 – 06/06/2015
    Andenne, Belgium

    The Biennial of Ceramics is an artistic and cultural event that takes place in Andenne ( Belgium) since 1988 and has acquired over editions a national and international recognition.

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