Photo: Raksha Patel in London

Raksha Patel

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Gallery educator

I have been exploring the materials of the body in relation to landscape; the focus of my recent work lays in constructing images of the different internal components of the body such as blood, organs and hair and translating them into what we see outside of ourselves in the environment. Places that I refer to in the paintings relate to areas that have been devastated or are in a state of flux, they often reflect current socio-politics, and although they are based on reality, the locations appear as fictional places that do not exist in any real physical space. These ideas have derived from exploring psychology from an Eastern perspective and in particular investigating notions of the impermanent nature of the body, and death. My practice is pre-dominantly in paint although also I make video installation work, sometimes using paint as a medium. read full statement

Location London
Activities Secondary education, Further education, Adult education, Practice-based research, Learning programmes
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Film & Video, Painting
Tags Vanitas, portraiture, landscape, Regency, Gardens, Botanical, Erosion, Super 8, Vintage