Rachel Thorlby

I work from images of people, using the reproductions of their painted and sculpted portraits reduced to thumbnails on Google. Deriving elements from the print outs, and then splicing and reconstructing the fragmented parts forms the basis of exploring these images of individuals and how they have been represented throughout history. My sculptures are remakes of once powerful people whose identity was constructed, set and made permanent in the portrait and the monument. Using impoverished and throwaway materials demotes the unshakable solidity of these old monuments, now reduced to fragments held up by the scaffolds that try to support them. Yet somehow whilst they appear to be fragile and broken, these dead and forgotten images are at the same revived by being made into objects. Our relationship with time is also explored through collages; these are the result of my ongoing search for the ‘perfect’ landscape through stock images on the Internet. Here, some trace of humanity is suggested through the layering and realigning of two images that creates a third space. I’m interested in how the landscape is perceived and remembered through the legacy of Romanticism and to what extent this shapes our view of Nature today. read full statement

Location London