Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson

Artist, Film-maker, Writer, Lecturer / academic

Rachel Gibson's work reflects an intuitive involvement with imagery and ideas that are central to the notion of memory, sense of place and personal experience. Using references from the natural world, she explores in drawing, painting and bookworks the idea of an uncertain stability  and the progression through time from one state of being to another.

She works with different drawing and painting media and techniques, sometimes combining them with text, video and sound to create imagery which is both subtle and mysterious.

'I look for and record found objects and natural events that act as heralds from the past or signposts to the future, creating a body of work which suggests shelter and growth but also fragility and loss.'

Through layering, drawing, erasing and redrawing the surface of each piece carries its own history, expressing a link between thought, experience and memory and all the uncertainties inbetween.


Rachel Gibson is an artist who lives and works in Cumbria.

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Location Carlisle, North West
Activities Practice-based research, Creative writing
Artforms / type of project Animation, Book Works, Drawing, Painting, Text
Tags nature, sense of place, memory, drawing, nest, ancient places, landscape, mystery, poem, fragile
Website http://www.rachelgibson.co.uk

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