Photo: Rachel Clark in London

Rachel Clark


I am a painter and printmaker. Colour as an experience is at the heart of my work. Its physical and emotional impact has a part to play within each project. Whether inspired by an illuminating text or what I perceive as a universal experience, my interest is in the internal journey, a reflection on rather than a depiction of the world. I work in series. One recent series,'Testament', was a response to my reading of the Old Testament. I approached the project without religious doctrine (I have none) but with a fascination for where the text might take me. The language and human experience, both visceral and poetical may have ancient roots but the text has the same contemporary relevance as Greek mythology, suggesting both our very real, physical existence and a sublime, elusive territory where the mind slips between what is familiar and what is imagined. My current series in progress is a meditation on transitions, change and reinvention, a constant state of both mankind and the universe.

Location London
Activities Studio practice

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