Rachael Adams

Rachael Adams

Artist, Writer, Publisher, Graphic designer, Researcher

Recent work has involved the study of the ‘threshold’: as a defined geographical and emotional space, at which a moment is of sufficient intensity it becomes a point at which something will happen or take effect. It is an exploration of a remembered moment and an illusion of it, a fractured state of liminality – a sense of being neither here nor there – balanced on the brink of an unfolding narrative.

using an eclectic mix of references in my work – from existential literature to folklore, from unreliable memory to the captured truth of a snapshot photograph, from dog-walking thoughts in Wintery drizzle to the cross-referenced browsing of Wikipedia – I can investigate the language of topography and landscape and explore the sense of anticipation as defined in the gap on the horizon. read full statement

Location Brighton, South East
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Creative writing, Publishing, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Installation, Painting, Research, Text
Tags Memory, Painting, Liminal, Topography, Graphics, landscape, Fiction / fact, Research
Website http://scrutineer.co.uk

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