Photo: Rabab Ghazoul in Cardiff, Wales

Rabab Ghazoul

Rabab Ghazoul is a visual artist whose practice draws upon a range of media to explore our negotiations and constructions of the political. Part social observation, part investigation into the realm of public narrative, her work often sees her referencing or re-staging chosen 'texts' - from news media footage to an existing art work - by way of exploring our relationship to power, and the coerced and de-stabilised nature of our affiliations. Born and part raised in the Middle East, her experience of dual cultures informs an ongoing interest in belonging and identity, but often at their point of fragmentation or dissolution. In this sense, her chosen context is less the culture of home, and more the ever present effects - or 'home' - of late capitalist culture, through which we continue to rehearse our prescribed and ritualistic movements. Born in Mosul, Iraq, she currently lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales