Photo: Phil Toy in Bristol, South West

Phil Toy

Artist, Researcher

I an currently working on, 'Cacophony: Things Beginning with 'C'.

Concepts, ideas, themes: The background to my work is an interest in the relationship between beliefs and science, rationality/irrationality, the juxtaposition of order/disorder. How we categorise our world. Categorization and Fragmentation are key concepts. We each have to negotiate our own sense of being created by categories (structure) and a fragmented world of endless networks and gaps. Recent work has seen a move to working with photographic images (taken by me), worked with oil paint and developed into montages, Cacophony is a three-dimentional installation with two-dimensional components.  It starts with  a clothes rail, suspended perspex boxes....The practice creates what I call, 'displacements'. I use the word. 'punctuations' also in this context. A number of narratives may be suggested in the mind of the viewer by these works. Previously, I have researched the work of John Cage and his use of chance in composing, (see Chance Glass, 2011).

Processes and techniques: I attempt to use methods and materials in relation to my purpose, theme or the site-relatedness of the project. I have experience of a very wide range of materials being familiar with acrylic and oil paint, resins, waxes, plasters, canvas and fabrics in addition to lighting, film and photography. My work is research-based, finding its direction from experimentation.

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Location Bristol, South West
Activities Practice-based research, Training delivery, Private commissions, Events management, Fundraising
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Tags Spike Island, MA Stars, Southwest UK