Photo: Phillip Reeves in London

Phillip Reeves


Using process painting and layering techniques to produce an atmospherical vista, a weathered or decayed landscape, or a flat, sterile room, figures are placed with imagined industrial machinery, animals and ethereal orbs. In my work I hope to create a strange and surreal theatre. The collective theme in the figuration relates to my own personal interpretation of the human psyche. Using figuration as a vehicle, I explore ideas such as how humans interact with each other through symmetry of body language, as well as elements such as loneliness, anxiety, and togetherness. The figures in my work are collated from a variety of sources. Some of my subjects are friends; other figures are from found imagery. I enjoy the element of randomness that may creep into my work. I have started using every day utilitarian objects that may appear whilst the painting is being created, and allowing more fluidity in my subject matter. I am open to my works being distorted by influences around me during the making process. Repetition of themes, symbolic objects and producing work in a series to reinforce my own visual language is an important focus of my current art practice. read full statement

Location London