Photo: Philip Ryland in Farnham, South East

Philip Ryland


I am an artist based in Surrey. I studied Fine Art, Sculpture at Staffordshire University but have since gone on to enjoy a career in painting, taking on corporate and private commissions as well as exhibiting both here in the UK and internationally, through art fairs in New York, Sydney and Europe. Historically my practice has centered on creating work from an archive of personal photos with the purpose of elevating a visual memory that would otherwise be lost to a computer folder or, increasingly, a virtual ‘cloud’. Working concurrently with this has always been a number of by-products, often as a result of the painting process and always affording me the opportunity to explore that process further. The lace paintings are examples of this but have come from an initial spark in an earlier work to be developed into a solid series. Exploring intricate and often evocative detail from the source material using sensuous and painterly marks I am balancing abstraction and figuration with a small scale, inviting the viewer to look closer and thus creating an intimacy with the work read full statement

Location Farnham, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Private commissions, Creative writing, Exhibitions programme, Collection
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting
Tags painting, philip ryland, fashion, textiles, landcsape, flowers, colour