Philip Robbins

I make drawings, paintings, prints, photographic prints and interactive computer based pieces. Each work has its own pulse which transmits to the viewer - recharging. Some feel the paintings resonate with energy and movement - for others they offer quiet and tranquillity. You might see the work as being composed of human forms or rocks in landscape or wisps of energy within a neurone. They are simultaneously animated and yet at peace. How you experience them also depends on what mood you bring with you they shift as you develop contact as you enjoy the visual and perceptual engagement. In my own mind I focus particularly on the dual nature of all of our feelings - sorrow and joy - anger and love - active and passive - organic and rational - restrained and free this is made visible in the deep black backgrounds giving way to dancing energy. The connection between the energy of the universe and our experience as human beings is fundamental to my experience of the world and is what I explore in my work. Energy flows it rises and falls within us like a tide we are jostled by everyday noise and yet sometimes we can feel the long slow tides of our essence - the slower rhythms which perhaps do not end with death. My work inhabits a space within existential and post modern readings I like to think that it provides for a multi-sensory synaesthia for the viewer linking visual with kinaesthetic, olfactory and auditory. Its politics is in the rejection of the noise of capitalist and modernist structures, particularly money, as the force provoking purpose in human beings. It actively asks the viewer to feel or see or hear a slower beat to their lives. read full statement

Location Woodbridge, East