Philippa Sibert

My artwork encompasses many processes, ideas and interests. I paint, print, draw, doodle, scribble, scratch, scrape and wipe, collect things, photograph things, make things then destroy them, paint over things, cover things, make sculptures out of found objects, make soup, collect words, write the odd poem, sing the odd song, spray things, bind up things, collect shoe boxes, cover shoe boxes, paint shoe boxes, collect shells, collect pebbles, collect round things, collect old hankies, old books, old photographs, photocopy things, press flowers, send things, write on things, cut up things, pile up things, look and think about things, record things, pray, collect word definitions, fall in love with things, collect birds nest (the ones fallen out of trees), collect driftwood, use red a lot, collect paper samples, envelopes samples, colour chart samples, any samples....... read full statement

Location Carmarthenshire, Wales