Philip Glazer

Early career

I am currently undertaking an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art (Scotland), but originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. Heavily influenced by the German artist Martin Kippenberger, I openly embrace a contradictory stance in my practice. This is the most truthful approach as I do not have a firm belief in what art 'should be' or 'stand for' and neither do I have a concrete vision for my own art. As my position constantly changes, 'embracing' this liquid and schizophrenic-like standpoint, have given me the freedom to do and explore whatever I want; no matter how contradictory. Cynicism, idealism, conceptualism, traditionalism, etc., are no longer polarising perspectives, but ideas and concepts that can be mish-mashed and exploited. To emphasise this, I work in different 'styles', using different media ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and performance. Thematically my work deals with narcissism, failed masculinity, the cult of the artist, self-gratification, being a painter in the 21-century and hope. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland