Phil Ashcroft

Phil Ashcroft


“Cynical, dissatisfied, border-line disruptive, the work broods with a simmering revolutionary disquiet.” – Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford

“Phil Ashcroft – a 21st century John Martin if John Martin was painting Mega-City One after the neutron bomb had been dropped” – Simon Hollington, Artist and Associate Lecturer in Contextual Studies at Central St Martins, London.

A derelict hospital,
oil depots, nuclear power stations, the abominable snowman; collectively these semi-surreal settings and cartoon-like motifs appear as mysterious manifestations, phenomena both real and imagined. Combining influences from abstract expressionism, British landscape painting, Japanese woodcuts, and graphic street art, Ashcroft integrates varied visual styles to generate a crossover between space, object and environment.

Ashcroft lives and works in London.
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Location London
Activities Public art, Private commissions, Digital Design
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Graphics, Illustration, Painting
Tags painting