Photo: Petter Southall in Bridport, South West

Petter Southall

Maker, Gallerist, Project manager, Lecturer / academic

There's no doubt it's contact with the natural world that inspires me to make furniture - the sea, the moon, the wind - being in them brings me an calm clear energy I want my work to convey. Steambending is my speciality. I search for beautiful and striking timber. I like to know its provenance and story and to use it in the solid. Steambending is a dramatic process combining steam, pressure and speed to bend solid timber round a former. The forms I am able to create keep me fired with ideas for designs. My aim is simplicity of form, although the work takes ingenuity and skill to make because the curves are usually combined in contrast and conversation with straight, right-angled components. Often the designs include a dramatic tension which is intended to liberate the viewer/user. I want my furniture to be used and loved so I make it practical, comfortable and easy to maintain for years and years into the future. read full statement

Location Bridport, South West
Activities Lecturing, Public art, Private commissions, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Consultancy, Furniture, Public Art, Woodwork, Unclassified
Tags Fine woodworker, Scandinavian, Steambending, Furniture, Oak, Tables and Chairs, Boatbuilding, Designer, Sladers Yard, Outdoor sculptural Furniture